The All-in-One
Support Platform
for SaaS teams.

Avoid and automate repetitive requests to spend time where it matters --> happier teams and happier customers.
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All your information in one place.

Once you manage your inbox, documentation, features and bugs in one place, you'll be unstoppable!

Team Inbox

Provide quick support response times without exhausting yourself and your team.

Clean & Simple Interface

No antiquated or cluttered UI to focus on the task at hand.

Categorize Requests

Connect incoming requests with existing bugs, upcoming features or help articles to reduce repetitive work.

Automatic Responses

Already aware of the bug that was reported? Let your customer know that you are working on it and that they'll be notified when it's done.


Knowledge Base

Answer customer questions before they can be asked with beautiful and easy-to-use knowledge bases.

Easy to setup and manage

Just like everything else on Helpset, our editor makes it a breeze to setup your knowledge base.

Customer Friendly

Fast to load, simple to navigate and readable documentation goes a long way to make customers happy.

Powerful search

Help customers find exactly what they are looking for even if they don't know how to spell it right.

Roadmap & Changelog

People love to see what you have planned and you wouldn't want anyone to miss what you just finished.


Show off what you've been working on in the past so your customers know you're not just resting on your laurels.


Avoid repetitive requests by showing your customers what you have already planned.

Subscriptions, Notifications and Responses

Let customers engage by subscribing to updates and reacting to changes. You even also send automatic notifications for updates.


The Simplest Pricing

Approachable pricing for solo entrepreneurs and small teams.

Helpset Pro

All features included, no long-term contracts, no surprises.

$20/ user
  • Team Inbox
  • Roadmap
  • Changelog
  • Documentation
  • 90-day Trial
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Simple but powerful

Sometimes more is less, but Helpset still does everything you need

Team Inbox

Collect support requests in a beuatifully simple inbox and breeze through them.

Automatic Responses

Quickly trigger automatic responses for common issues or requests.


Categorize requests by bug report, feature request, general feedback, and help requests.

Fast & Simple UI

No steep learning curve, clunky UI or slow load times. This should be as pleasant as possible.


Share your roadmap with your customers so they can see that you take requests seriously.


Show off the amazing things you've done to improve your product.


It's a good idea to write help articles for commonly asked questions.

Update Emails

Send period update emails to subscribed customers so they know what's new.

Multiple Users

Manage your support load with your entire team. No per-seat pricing or limitations.